Thursday, April 4, 2013

Which Switch?

We live in a small three bedroom apartment.  There are 84 light/fan switches.  84?!  That's a lot of wiring for a place that has power outages almost hourly.  We probably use about 15 of the switches.   Some are still mysteries.  Why is the light for the bathroom just inside the bathroom door but the switch for the same bathroom's fan is in the dining room?  Is this a safety feature to let you air out the bathroom before entering? 

We are getting better now but for a few weeks there was a chorus of clicks each night at bed time as we tried to find the right switches to turn off all the lights.  M finally took pity on her parents and added some post-it note labels. My favorite label: "random light."  Also, the switches are not consistent in direction.  In this picture the "random light" is off but everything else is on. 

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