Sunday, April 14, 2013

"...on the street where we live."

We had the day off school last Thursday for Ugadi.  It was a relaxing day for the most part but we did decide to take a little walk down the street near our home.  We have buzzed by many of these shops in auto-rickshaws or taxis but wanted to take a closer look.  Unfortunately, streets here are not really made for walking: no sidewalks, unclear traffic patterns, and lots of obstacles to work around.  Anyway, we enjoyed a nice walk, did a bit of shopping, and returned home before heat exhaustion set in.  We snapped a few pictures along the way.
The building on the left is our where we live.  The small road in front if it comes out to Gachibowli road which is where we walked.  Crossing the street here is not easy but this woman had no problem, even with her walker.

A side street with shops and stalls. 

A beautiful family business

You have to look close, but the restaurant in the middle of the picture on the second level is called "Burp Fest."  We haven't tried it.  You can also see one of the water tanker trucks which are common around town.

A small place of worship along the way. 

These fruit carts are common: grapes, watermelon, coconuts, bananas, and soon it will be mangoes.

Another side street

"Hold on, some weird Americans are taking pictures of my pots"

A small shrine, some shady trees,  and what looks like a group of headstones must have been in place well before this road was build to wrap around both sides

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