Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A weather report

It has been 37 days since we arrived in Hyderabad.  Having left behind a brutally cold winter in Utah, the hot weather here felt like heaven.  And then, it got hotter.  And hotter.  Each day, the thermometer creeps up a little higher, and the hot, sticky feeling on the backs of your knees lasts a little longer.  We have entered summer on the Deccan Plateau.

A few weeks ago, I posted this screen shot of our upcoming week in weather.  I was warned by friends here that it really hadn't gotten hot yet. 
Here is the forecast now.

Despite the heat, today we experienced something altogether new for us in Hyderabad.

Today, it RAINED!  There was wind, thunder, lightening and then the rain came down, like bullets.

I watched as neighbors emerged onto their balconies to sit and enjoy the cooler air.  Gentlemen read newspapers, women brushed and braided each others hair.  Birds splashed in puddles.  Waves formed in the swimming pool.  The power went out, and then went out again.  I slid open our balcony doors, and let the fresh air fill our little apartment.  It was the perfect little break from the heat that we have ahead of us for the next two months.


  1. How long did the power stay out?

  2. It never stays out for long, just a minute or so, but it has a hard time staying on for extended periods.