Monday, April 15, 2013

Online Shopping

We've been surprised at how many things we can accomplish online here.  We ordered domino's pizza online and through we can order from almost any restaurant in the area, although we haven't done subway because the online order form won't submit without selecting a sandwich sauce which is a horrific choice for our plain sandwich children.  They'll eat chicken curry but not mayonnaise?

Another great tool is, which is a bit like amazon with a wide range of items and home delivery.  They do offer a nice "cash on delivery" option as well. Today we had some usb headphones and "Insurgent" by Veronica Roth delivered (both mostly for M). 

We have struggled though to find a few pieces of furniture.  For a desk we had considered getting a simple table and got our hopes up when we saw the table below, until we noticed the dimensions with the helpful figure for scale.  This desk is more like a footstool for 8999 rupees (almost $170).  Delivered in 12-15 business days also seems to be quite standard.  Also notice the "Delivery and Returns" box lists this as a Bulky Item.  Really? Ugh.

Wishing Hyderabad had an Ikea. 

(Also a bit silly is the extra tab showing the research done to get this picture: "how to take a screenshot")