Wednesday, December 24, 2014

On the road to Hampi

We started our Christmas holiday off with a quick trip to Hampi.  Despite 2 long days in the car, unpleasant Indian toilet experiences, and a little bit of vomit, we had a great adventure.

Hampi is one of the places that we've been wanting to see, ever since we came to India.  Unfortunately, it's not the easiest place to get to.  There isn't an airport close by, so the traveler is left with three options to get to Hampi; bus, train or automobile.  With three kids, we weren't about to pile into a bus, and we aren't quite brave enough for an overnight train, so we packed up the car for an 8 hour drive.

We left Hyderabad with the sunrise and headed south.

There is always a lot to see on the roads in India.  And lots to slow you down.

From ox carts...

to mining trucks...

to Communist rallys.

We pushed on until we finally made it to Hampi, and the Virupaksha Temple.

We did a quick poke around the village, had some dinner and went back to the hotel early to get ready for a full day of exploring the next morning.  

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