Friday, December 26, 2014

Hampi from Hemakuta Hill

In the early morning hours (ok, let's be honest it was 9:30, but anything before 11:00 is early in India) we started our day by scrambling over Hemakuta Hill.  The hill is strewn with boulders,

 and dotted with temples.

Although not the highest hill in Hampi, it offers some pretty spectacular views of the temple complexes, the palm forests and the rock formations.

In the misty morning, the kids ran and climbed.

We also did quite a bit of monkey watching.

As we made our way down the other side of the hill we found the Sasivekalu Ganesha.  He is a handsome fellow, with his many arms, rotund belly and cobra belt.  It's hard not to love Ganesh.

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