Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Warangal Part I

We took a Saturday two weeks ago and drove to Warangal.  It's about a three hour drive from Hyderabad, but the children were content with various electronic gadgets, naps, and snacks, and us grown-ups enjoyed being able to see the area outside of the city.

About an hour into our drive, we passed Bonghir.
  It has now been added to our list of places to visit.  We'll make it a "kids-free" trip, since a hike like that isn't quite their cup of tea.

After a longer stretch of driving, we entered the town of Ghanpur.  From what we had read, Ghanpur is about 60 km outside of Warangal, and home to an interesting group of temples and archaelogical site.  Our driver pulled over to ask where the temples were and we were met with blank stares.  Temples?  Oh, you want to go to Warangal for temples.  Nothing like that here.  Confused, we gave up our hopes of seeing the Ghanpur temples, and continued on to Warangal.  Upon returning home we realized there is another Ghanpur 60 km in the other direction from Warangal.  We wonder of Ghanpur means "60 km from Warangal" in Telugu. 

We finally arrived in Warangal and after a couple of wrong turns found our way to the Thousand Pillared Temple.  That's nearly a pillar for every year of its current age.

The kids favorite part was the Nandi sculpture in front.

Then it was on to Warangal Fort.  More on that in our next post....

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