Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things We Miss From Home After Month 1

1-The independence of driving when and where we want.
2-Sonic Route 44 Diet Coke with lemon and easy ice.
.....things can't be too bad because now we are having to brainstorm to add to the list...
3-Parmesan Cheese.
4-Good Mexican food.
5-DirecTV (when we canceled we received many calls begging us to come back even though we explained each time that we were moving to India).
6-Walking outside of your home and not being an object of fascination.  We're certainly not being chased by the paparazzi but we get a lot of looks, cell phone pictures, and well intentioned cheek pinching for H and N.
7-Our beautiful front loading washer/dryer set and king size bed.
8-Views of the mountains (although the boulder formations natural to this area are fascinating).
9-Bathtubs.  Wet bathrooms, buckets, and squeegees don't provide the same relaxing ambiance.  Also, our geezers (water heaters) only give an 8-minute shower. 
10-Family and friends.  See you all this summer!

Things we don't miss:
1-Box Elder Bugs.  Our last house was absolutely infested.
2-Snow (we'll miss that next December)
3-Burger King.  Really, hadn't thought of it once until this post. 
4-Wal-Mart (Target could be on the list above)
5-Wearing shoes in the house.  We have a shoe rack outside the front door and it stays so much cleaner inside now.  
6-US Politics
7-Gas Prices
8-Drafty windows, doors, walls, floors.  Literally, they were all drafty.
9-Centracom.  Our internet is faster and more reliable here than in Sanpete County (ditto for cell reception).
10-Skunks.  India has its own bouquet of smells, both lovely and grotesque, but it doesn't have skunks and we are grateful. 

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