Monday, March 11, 2013

Deadly entertainment

Mosquitoes are a challenge in India.  To cope with them, we use every weapon in our arsenal.  There is the morning and evening application of mosquito repellent.  The children like the Off! that we brought with us from the States.  I prefer the Odomos lotion which has aloe and citronella.

We also use a plug-in repellent in the bedrooms that serves as both air-freshener and mosquito deterrent.

These products aside, our favorite is our new Hunter Mosquito Terminator.  It is a bug killing tennis racket that annihilates mosquitoes on contact.  There is a flash of blue light and a loud ZAP, followed by shrieks and cheers by the family, and we are one fewer mosquito in the apartment. 
It's a slightly disturbing and highly satisfying new form of entertainment.


  1. this is awesome! in a morbid kind of way...

    1. That's India in a nutshell, awesome and morbid all wrapped up together!