Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hyderabad Staycation

For a long time we had planned to take our week of vacation in Singapore and Malaysia.  Without our visa extensions and considering the cost it didn't come together, even though our visa extensions were finally granted on the Friday just before the break.

Instead, we had a Hyderabad staycation.  We reviewed our favorite moments of the week over our Easter dinner this evening and they included the following:
-Getting visa extensions...finally
-Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (made by M with assistance from mom).
-Landmark book store
-Laser Tag
-Movies: Rio 2 and Captain America
-Making cinnamon rolls from scratch (mom and dad with long distance consultation from aunt Diane)
-Sleeping in and naps.  Just a little bit.
-Menchies: frozen yoghurt with toppings
-Getting our new internet connection with Beam
-A trip to Leonia, especially the water park which was pretty much empty when we visited
-Reading lots of books: The Outsiders, Tale of Desperaux, Wonder, Flora and Ulysses, Gone Girl, Miss Perigrine's Home for Peculiar Children, Life After Life, Uglies, The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, and N has been reading Amelia Bedelia and Francis books.
-Audiobooks: we finally finished Howl's Moving Castle which we had started on our trip to Aurangabad and Mom and Dad have been enjoying The Martian.
-Watching the original Star Wars trilogy
-Xbox FIFA 14
-Ping pong paddles
-Multiple episodes of Bones
-Ice Cream....we purchased a huge container at Metro on our first day of vacation. It lasted one week.
-Dyeing Easter eggs with natural colors: red cabbage, beets, and turmeric.
-Easter morning egg hunt
-Easter dinner: fresh rolls, ham, creamed peas and potatoes.  Yum!
-The start of the Indian Premier League
-Air Conditioning
Stocking up at Metro early in the week. 

Star Wars inspired some fun play for H and N


Most expensive yoghurt trip ever.

Cinnamon rolls before baking

One of many naps

A cabbage wrapped egg left overnight

Easter Eggs

Yes, there was nobody else there...not even lifeguards.

H discovered the going down on his stomach provided the most speed.

Getting ready for the big splash.

Happy water face for M

Lots of lion themed spots around Leonia

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