Thursday, March 20, 2014


We began our first Indian road-trip with a stop in Bidar.  About two hours outside of Hyderabad, Bidar is an easy day trip, with a cool fort, an old madrasa, and a road lined with Bidri workshops. 

This is the remains of the 15th century madrasa.  At one point, it was a storage facility for gunpowder, which explains why the building is now in ruins. 
The security guard was happy to unlock the main door for us, and let us wander around.  He then unlocked various gates, and we were able to climb inside the ruins. 

We then made it over to the Bidar Fort, which was, at one point, the largest fort in South India.
Walls like this stretched far into the distance, and are even found in the midst of the modern parts of the town.
Some beautiful detail work of the old structures still remain.

For some reason, there are parrots all over Bidar.

This beehive made us think of Uncle Dale.  We can't wait to taste some fresh honey this summer!

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