Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sri Lanka: ELEPHANTS!!!

We spent the morning at the Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage, a rescue center for Sri Lankan elephants.  In some ways, it was a little sad to see such beautiful animals in captivity, but at least here they are safe and being cared for.  

The morning started as the elephants strolled down the lane for breakfast.   

I usually hate pictures of myself where I'm make stupid faces, but I kind of love this one.  I'm more excited than the kids are.    

H and N discover that you can play hockey with elephant poo "pucks."  As one does, naturally.

 The babies were so sweet and fuzzy.  Just like all babies, they certainly made a mess of themselves. 

Danny fed this lovely old lady pineapple, bananas and watermelon.  She had impeccable manners.

These teenagers, however, did not.  Sheesh.

Such a wise face.

The elephants then headed out for their late morning bath in the river.  We all had to hum the elephant parade song from the Jungle Book.

We followed behind the elephants to the river, but tried to stay at a safe, and clean, distance.  
We then enjoyed a cold beverage, and piled into the car, headed for the coast.  We were ready for some beach time.  Post to follow...

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