Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Trip to the Old City

Local fashion goes door-to-door by bicycle.
It's our last Saturday in Hyderabad before we head back to the US for a month long holiday.  The heat has broken as the Monsoon has rolled in.  We took the opportunity to make our way to the Old City of Hyderabad, to explore the Chowmahalla Palace and Charminar, the most recognizable landmark of Hyderabad.  

A glimpse of Charminar
 We wove our way through the old streets and found ourselves at the Palace, which stands behind walls, in its own world of serenity and order.
Porticoes at Chowmahalla Palace

Peace and quiet.  In stark contrast to what we would experience soon after.

We always have to play with cannons.

Window of the Khilwat Mubarak -- the central "throne room" of the palace.

View from above the throne room.
 We left the Palace and headed to Charminar, to fight the puddles, crowds and stairs, and get a great view of Hyderabad.
Climbing to the top of Charminar

View of Old City Hyderabad in the rain.

Maren thought this was really cheesy.

Charminar.  This was the best view we could get in the rain and the crowds.

The kids were really impressed when I started pushing people out of my way so I could get this photo.  I guess I'm getting used to India.
Our adventures were cut short by the monsoon, but we left excited to see more and look forward to many return visits to this fascinating part of town.

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