Friday, May 3, 2013

Nepal -- Day 2

Our second day in Nepal was a Sunday.  Although for the expat community, this is part of the weekend, for most of the country, Sunday is a weekday.  Kids go to school, offices are open... business as usual.  For us though, it was a day when cousins weren't in school, which meant that our kids wanted to do nothing more than hang out and have fun.  So, the grown-ups struck out on our own for a little sight-seeing.  Our first stop was the Jawalakhel Handicraft Center, where Tibetan refugees hand-weave beautiful rugs.  Watching them spin the wool and weave the rugs was absolutely mesmerizing.  Their fingers flew and smiles beamed as they painstakingly crafted their masterpieces. 


After that outing, we picked up all the kids and headed over to the Lincoln School, where they were having a music festival.  The opening number was a children's choir singing a medley from The Lion King.  Our kids have been singing it ever since.  The music was great, N had a good nap on her dad's lap, and seeing the school was a treat. 

The late afternoon we spent at the Patan Durbar Square, our second UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Even in the gloom of spring rain, it was magnificent.  

The best surprise of the day was the Patan Museum.  Unlike so many other museums in the region, this one is beautiful curated.  It is simple and thoughtful.  The writing is poetic and humorous at the same time.  From what we understand, the Austrians were responsible for this museum.  Well done, Austria.  It is a quiet little piece of heaven, in the midst of honking, bustling Kathmandu.  If you are planning a trip to Nepal, set aside a few hours for this lovely spot.    

Check out the rest of our photos in the slideshow below:

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